Tarot Card Readings & Emergency Tarot Readings 

Please also check the online scheduling link to see what my current offerings are. 


I offer several different tarot card readings, ranging from simply 3 card spreads to full blown Celtic cross spreads and more. Typically my readings are highly intuitive and no spread is even required as the cards and their order speak for themselves. If your question is more urgent, I would recommend an emergency card reading. The current turn-around for a regular tarot card reading is up to 1 week. 


In my tarot card readings, a multitude of decks are used, including traditional tarot card decks with 78 cards. I typically use the Gilded Tarot Royale (by Ciro Marchetti), the Akashic Tarot (my favorite), the Lover's Path Tarot and a few more. In addition to the standard tarot card decks, I also use oracle and medicine healing card decks to complement the reading. I use my Shamanic knowledge to find the best possible answer for your matter and questions. I also use my very own decks, which are six self-created tarot and oracle cards, if I feel drawn to it. You can find more information on my own decks, including my Starseed Oracle, in my shop.


In order to get a better understanding of how my tarot card readings work, I would recommend you check out my Youtube Channel Pleiadian Healer Tarot Cards beforehand, as well.

While it is all about love tarot, my readings can be about anything - finances, career, general life guidance, love, Twin Flame Journey questions - you name it.    

To make things easier, I offer two different time frames for my tarot card readings:

15-minute long and 30-minute long readings. They are both recorded in video format and a downloadable link is sent to you. 

Please note: The current turn-around for regular tarot card readings is up to 7 days (1 week). 

If you want your questions answered quicker than in the 7 days projected time, I offer emergency readings with a 48 hour turnaround for both 15-minute and 30-minute readings, as well. 

If you are interested in how to "Learn Tarot Like A Pro!", please consider taking my course. It teaches you how to master the cards and apply tarot in your own life circumstances accurately and precisely. 

Prices (in USD): 

30-minute emergency reading:    $166.66

15-minute emergency reading:    $110.10


30-minute tarot reading:      $88.88

15-minute tarot reading:      $55.55