"With everything going on in my life right now, Laura came along at the perfect time and offered a reading. It’s like she knew I needed it. Once I received the results, everything just kind of made sense for me. It wasn’t what I was expected a reading to be, because it was my first ever. It was so fitting and really clarified some things for me. Thanks Laura!" 

- Chantell C. 

"I did an intuitive reading with Laura. She made me feel so inspired and helped me gain clarity to understanding my ascension process and symptoms. She gave me new understandings and insights with who I truly am, what I’ve experienced and what I have yet to embark on through my spiritual journey. I am grateful to have connected with her and will definitely connect again with another session. Her positive energy will uplift anyone. Many thanks!"

- Alyssa V. 

"Thank you Laura for the reading. I truly appreciate it and this resonates with how I'm feeling now. You're Godsend as your guidance is valuable to me in this current phase of my life." 

- J.M. 


"She speaks the truth within herself and the universe as a whole. She has life experience and is a healing guide brought here to raise our vibration. Has an unequivocal ability to be in tune with the world around her. Her and I have channelled and have seen almost the exact same things. She's awakened and her knowingness and abilities will help you on your own journey." 

- Sheree R. 

"I've been struggling alot this past week with lots of negative emotions. Laura's reading really helped me to release those emotions. Thank you!" 

- Kelley M. 

"Her readings are pretty spot on, when it comes to giving guidance. It has been confirmations of energy I’ve felt currently happening in my life. She doesn’t influence others in her readings but gives others space to connect on their own with their guides and loved ones."

- Joya H. 

"Seriously now, I resonated with everything you explained because it is exactly who I am, all sides, inside and out. It truly described to a tee who I have been, who I am, who I will be and who I always am.  I want to say thank you for all of the great ideas and reminders on how to move next - that is exactly what I needed.  Because you were so spot on about so many things, I am taking your suggestions quite seriously. They spoke to me just so matter-of-factly and exactly how I needed to hear it. Led to me see that my higher self was speaking through you."

- Jolene B. 

My readings are healings. They don't disempower you but provide you with the information you need at the exact moment in time. Book your session here. 


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