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Takisha, USA

"The techniques I learned were very helpful. I really appreciated the honesty on using one's intuition and the realization of giving one's power away. Very important for me. Thank you."
(Soul Communication Course)

Courses & Webinars

Longer Courses & Certifications


Be Your Own Shaman! (Full Course)

Full Shamanic Healing Course. Learn all about Shamanism, intrusion removals, cord...

Starts at: $350


Soul Communication Course

Unlock The Key To Your Soul: 6-week course, completed on own time.

Starts at: $380. 


!NEW!   Next Level Biz! 

Take your holistic and online business from zero to hero with this course. 

Intro Price: $144 (ORG: $444)

Shorter Courses & Workshops


Learn how to master the cards, all about the minor and major arcana, how...

Price: $155.55

Learn Tarot Like A Pro! 


Powerful workshop on how to shift the energy of past events. Heal your ... 


Price: $57

Heal Your Past Workshop


Heal the trauma, karma and energy imprint of your land and home. With these simple techniques, you...

Price: $144.44

House Clearing & Land Healing Course


A Shamanic Journey Webinar featuring 3 separate journeys.


Price: $44.44.


The ultimate manifestation 

workshop! Learn how to manifest miracles...

Price: $99.99

Manifest Your Heart's 


To be announced. 

More Courses Coming!


Meditations & Sound Healings


Sound Healing using crystal singing bowls and Tibetan singing bowls. 

Cost: $11.11

Divine Feminine
Sound Healing


Drumming music to soothe the soul and spirit. 13 minutes long, using a Shamanic drum and rattle.


Cost: $11.11 

Spirit Drumming 
Sound Healing

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