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Deepen your knowledge and take your journey to the next level. 

Takisha, USA

"The techniques I learned were very helpful. I really appreciated the honesty on using one's intuition and the realization of giving one's power away. Very important for me. Thank you."
(Soul Communication Course)

Online Courses & Workshops

Longer Courses & Trainings

Be Your Own Shaman! 
The Complete Shamanic Healing Course! "Be Your Own Shaman" teaches all about shamanism, how to become your own shaman and healer and how to apply those techniques not only on yourself but also others. Equivalent to a Shamanic Training. 


Next Level Biz! 
(The Course)

Take your online and spiritual business from zero to hero with this course! Next Level Biz will teach you the ins and outs of running your very own business successfully in today's times. 

Soul Communication Course

Learn how to tap into your own intuition and access your psychic gifts and innate power within! This 6-week-course teaches just that. All about psychic gifts and development of your own intuition and powers. Unlock the key to your soul! 


Shorter Courses & Workshops


How To Ward Off Psychic Attacks, Curses, Spells & Voodoo!

Price: $190

NEW! Psychic Protection Course


The ultimate manifestation 

workshop! Learn how to manifest miracles...

Price: $99.99

Manifest Your Heart's 


Learn how to master the cards, all about the minor and major arcana, how...

Price: $155.55

Learn Tarot Like A Pro! 


Powerful workshop on how to shift the energy of past events. Heal your ... 


Price: $57

Heal Your Past Workshop


Heal the trauma, karma and energy imprint of your land and home. With these simple techniques, you...

Price: $144.44

House Clearing & Land Healing Course


A Shamanic Journey Webinar featuring 3 separate journeys.


Price: $44.44.

Meditations & Sound Healings


Sound Healing using crystal singing bowls and Tibetan singing bowls. 

Cost: $11.11

Divine Feminine
Sound Healing


Drumming music to soothe the soul and spirit. 13 minutes long, using a Shamanic drum and rattle.


Cost: $11.11 

Spirit Drumming 
Sound Healing

Recommended Package:


Be Your Own Shaman Course +


Psychic Protection Course +


Land Healing Course

3 Package Deal:

Best Value !


(Value: $1,584. You save: $934!) 

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