Your Starseed Origins: The Alpha Centaurians

Your Starseed Origins: The Alpha Centaurians! Who are the Alpha Centaurians, and what is their connection to Ancient Atlantis, Ancient Lemuria and else?

The Alphas are the closest Starseeds to Earth and it could indeed be that one of your last incarnations outside of Earth was indeed on the Centaurus constellation. They are the divine counterparts of the Hadarians. However, their running theme is not suffering and sacrifice, unlike the Hadarians. Instead, they are actually quite good at manifesting material abundance and earthly matters, as they are very well grounded in this reality. Some might even be StarTrek or Star Wars nerds, as they can energetically feel they may have played a part in a cosmic reality similar to these. Watch the full video on the Alpha Centaurians, some interesting traits and more at

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