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Soul Remembrance and Soul aWAKEning Sessions:

Intuitive Guidance Readings & Healing Sessions


Please note:

All my sessions are done remotely – be it readings or healings – and clients from all over the world are able connect with me in this way. Readings are usually done via Zoom (or Skype), as they automatically record the reading. However, a recording device from your end is always recommended, due to technical failures, which occasionally tend to happen in the 3D-world. No legal responsibility is taken on my end for recordings that are lost due to technical faults. 

Healings are usually done during the time agreed-upon and you will receive my notes 1 - 3 days after the remote session via e-mail. Please note: We do not connect via Zoom / Skype and e-mails are sent before and after the session during the healings. 

A detailed description of all sessions and webinars offered is provided by clicking on each offering individually. This will also take you directly to the booking link and my dates / times of availability. 

Intuitive Readings
& Coaching

Receive answers on a multitude of topics going on in your life. These are live Zoom readings...

Tarot Card Readings

(Recorded video, 15 mins or 30 minutes long.)  Working with the powerful energies of a variety of different Tarot & Oracle Card...

DNA Healing

DNA Healings are for return clients only. They can be quite powerful to remove heavy metals...

Shamanic Healings

Shamanic (Reiki) Healing: AI Implant Removal, Cord Removal, Soul Retrievals, AI Overlay Removals and ....

Written Answers

(Written Reading) 1 question one answer or 3 questions 3 answers provided in writing.  

Starseed Readings

(Written Reading) Starseed Origins, cosmic lineages and past lifetimes on other star systems and planets and ...

Courses & Webinars

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