Sessions & Offerings

Soul Remembrance and Soul aWAKEning Sessions:

Intuitive Guidance Readings & Healing Sessions


Please note:

All my sessions are done remotely – be it readings or healings – and clients from all over the world are able connect with me in this way. Readings are usually done via Zoom (or Skype), as they automatically record the reading. However, a recording device from your end is always recommended, due to technical failures, which occasionally tend to happen in the 3D-world. No legal responsibility is taken on my end for recordings that are lost due to technical faults. 

Healings are usually done during the time agreed-upon and you will receive my notes 1 - 3 days after the remote session via e-mail. Please note: We do not connect via Zoom / Skype and e-mails are sent before and after the session during the healings. 

A detailed description of all sessions and webinars offered is provided by clicking on each offering individually. This will also take you directly to the booking link and my dates / times of availability. For my healing sessions, the availability is less in advance then for my readings. This is due to the fact that my healing sessions need more preparation and information I need to ask clients before the actual session starts. 

Shamanic Reiki Power Session

This Webinar features three separate Shamanic Journeys and can be completed on your own time and at a pace you are comfortable with. All three journeys are aspects and pieces, brought to your attention by your Higher Self [...] (read more)