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Intuitive Psychic Reading & Coaching Session

An intuitive psychic reading focuses on any questions you may have in regards to: Life, career, finances, soul partners and love, soul path, karma, karmic relationships and ties to others,  relevant past lives, higher soul guidance, messages from passed loved ones, Starseed origins, other planetary lives, energetic imbalances in the body or anything else of importance. 

These sessions are anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours long. 


The longer 90- to 120-minute long readings can also be seen as Coaching Sessions and, due to their lengths, they answer a higher volume of questions than the shorter sessions. I provide you with extended insight, coaching advice, self-empowerment techniques and more  - depending on the purpose of and reason for the session.  The shorter sessions can give you a good overview of certain topics you want to dive into. 

All readings and longer coaching sessions are done online via Zoom (or Skype), unless specified otherwise. Readings can also be healing, especially if you are looking for closure on a topic or how to move forward in your life and are looking for that additional insight from the psyche. View testimonials here!

***Disclaimer: Any medical intuitive advice won't replace the advice of a trained medical professional or expert in that field.***

Prices (in USD):


30 minute recorded reading:     $122.22

45 minute recorded reading:     $188.88

60 minute recorded reading:     $222.22

90 minute recorded reading:     $303.33

2 hour recorded reading:           $388.88


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers: 

Question: Will you be able to channel my spirit guides, angels or the Pleiadians for me? 

Answer: I do not channel. All of my advice is purely intuitive. I also do not let any of these false white light AI beings or astral entities into my field, as they have proven to be misleading in almost every scenario and case that I've dealt with. Occasionally I will pull a tarot or oracle card for more advice but we are fully capable of getting all the answers we need through our own intuition and psychic insight. I teach how to tap into that in my Soul Communication Course, as well. 

Question: How many questions can you answer in (x) amount of time?

Answer: It will depend on how deep you wan to go. Yes and no questions can be answered pretty straightforward and quickly. Other types of questions may take longer to clarify. As a good rule of thumb, up to 5 or more simple questions during a 30 minute session is pretty doable. I've done more and I've done less, especially when people want their full-on Starseed Origins or other matters clarified. 

Question: Do I need to have questions and, if so, can I give you my questions beforehand? 

Answer: Please come prepared and write a list of your questions down so that we have it to work through during the session. A session goes more smoothly when it has a direction to follow and I am sure you booked it for a reason. I do not take questions beforehand but it is advisable to have your questions on a piece of paper. Otherwise we will go through general topics for whatever your situation is.