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This Weekend I Had A Moment Of Presence...

This weekend I had a moment where I was overcome with feelings of gratitude and appreciation. I looked up from a busy moment in my life and started taking in my reality. The place I live in. The furry friend I have to share my adventures with. The life I had built up over the past year. And how far I had come from the year before. When we don't take a step back to appreciate the bigger picture, sometimes we miss out on how much progress we have made. That day was that moment for me. Up until that moment, I was having a hard time with my day and almost slid off into a victim mentality. I was looking at all the things I had yet to still accomplish. Instead of just looking back at how far I had come.

One year ago, I was still very much on the road for 2+ months and figuring things out. Unsure of where my pat