Moving Can Create Trauma And Instability

Moving frequently can create trauma and instability. This in turn can manifest in other places of our life, until we address it. I didn’t realize how much moving from place to place can affect us up until recently. Not only physically in terms of stress, but also emotionally and energetically. People who have experienced many moves as a child are actually still carrying a form of that within them.

Having moved frequently myself as a young adult, it wasn’t until I found a stable place that finally felt like “home” where I realized it’s safe for me to be myself and unfold. Something which I hadn’t experienced for the two years prior to that. People who travel and move frequently from city or country to another (such as backpacker culture) might experience this at one point, too. I personally have never enjoyed this lifestyle, as I always cherished being able to go home after a few weeks or have a stable base somehow.

Many people have picked up and moved over these past few years and perhaps experienced similar in terms of losing something that once felt like home.

~Laura from Pleiadian Healer

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