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Manifesting A Stay In Miami ...

Welcome to colorful Miami! When I was a a student, it was my dream to live in Miami. I had watched way too many TV shows (CSI Miami anyone?) on Miami that I had formed a glorified idea of what this city would be like. Similar to how some people view NYC. NYC to me was never SATC or other shows and glamour, unlike many other people who have that view before they move there and see how different it is. When I moved to NYC, I had zero expectations of it, I just knew it was the right move and I belonged. Miami on the other hand was a secret obsession and constant fascination.

I applied to university there but was not accepted. Instead I ended up at UWF in Pensacola. Some people consider this the "armpit" of Florida. While it wasn't that bad, it wasn't that great for me and my soul either. It was actually an experience I decided to leave behind after one semester already. When originally I had planned to stay for two year