How To Change The Past...

You may not be able to change your past but you can change the energy of the past event and circumstances and how you felt during that time. How do we reshape the trauma or bad aftertaste of an event that has already occurred - months, years or even decades ago? How do we heal ourselves from these events and occurrences and move on in peace - especially if it has affected us on a much larger level and to a higher scale than we initially assumed?

Through your own abilities, journeying, intention-setting and more, you are able to energetically relive certain aspects of yourself and go back in time. A form of energetic time travel, if you may. Journeying back here is part of a Shamanic healing or journey. This method has helped me and many others I've worked with in the, well, ironically "past."

It is because there really are no past timelines but everything is occurring on a parallel plane. Our mind needs to categorize everything, including "time." Therefore, for the mind the past, present, future exist. The present is truly our gift. It allows us to create and be and do all these things. Through these means you are able to change you how you feel about a situation, how you would have reacted instead and how to heal childhood wounds. And most importantly forgive your own self for not knowing better at the time. Including the people who were involved in this situation, too.

Are you curious to find out more or have you ever had success with the methods above?

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