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Pet Healings

Pet Healings For Dogs, Cats And Other Pets! 

This session applies advanced-level Shamanic healing to cure ailments, discomfort and other energetic issues in pets. My pet healings focus on any ailments the pet is going through. With Shamanic methods, I energetically tune into the energy field of the pet. I see what's going on and I try to work with the discomfort the pet is experiencing. The session is done remotely. 


Since 2017 I've been working on a variety of different pets, mostly cats and dogs. A pet healing starts off with giving life force energy (a form of Reiki without the symbols) to the animal. I then continue with tuning into the energy body and removing any debris, energic trauma, cords, intrusions and whatever else comes up. 

This has proven especially helpful for pets, who have gone through a past injury, surgery, or been hit by a car / been in an accident and still carry that trauma in their energy field. Pets feel calmer and more relaxed after a session.


Sometimes the session is broken up into two days, to make it energetically easier on the pet, such as 2x 30 mins sessions in a week. Please contact me beforehand to determine if this is the right fit for your pet. Please also let me know what exactly is going on with your furry friend and why you think this session would be beneficial. 


Session length: 60 mins

(or 2x 30 mins session)

Cost: $133.33

Please contact me beforehand! 

Let me know what exactly is going on before booking this session so that I can determine if this type of healing will truly benefit your pet. 

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