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Healing Insight

The following are videos and insight, which I received during sessions with clients. Most are focused around the damage, which occurred when clients received the most current Covid-19-vaccines. Since my main Youtube has censored almost all of my insight, I have decided to re-upload them here onto my personal page and platform. You can also view them on my Bitchute.

  • The first video "What Happens When You're Fully Vaccinated? Damage To Soul, DNA & More" was taken down when it had just reached over 3,000 views on Youtube (October 2021).

  • The second one has insight on the second Covid-19-vaccine and was also taken down (February 2022).

  • The third one is about booster shot insight (July 2022). 

  • An additional video is about "Black Goo, Vaccine Injuries and Nano Bots"  (October 2021). 

  • Another video is about Soul Entrapment and how parts of your soul are withheld from you (August 2022). 

If you are interested in more information on my Shamanic Healing sessions, you can find it in the link below. 

***Disclaimer: Any medical intuitive advice won't replace the advice of a trained medical professional or expert in that field.***


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers: 

Question: Will you be able to fully heal me when I got the shot? 

Answer: A full healing is never guaranteed with these sessions and especially just one session. However, clients so far have noticed a substantial improvement in their life, be it in their mood, new-found joy and also physical symptoms. 

Question: How many sessions should I have? 

Answer: With these type of circumstances it is hard to tell beforehand. I usually am in touch with notes after the Shamanic Healings. We can then determine if the client would benefit from a follow-up or what the best solution would be in this case. 

Question: Can you also heal other vaccine damage? I've had to take quite a few shots throughout my life. I notice it now. 

Answer: Vaccine damage has come up in other sessions, especially with people who have served, been employed by the hospital industry etc. I've also worked on a person with lead damage once. The healing goes a bit different. Clients have noticed a difference after the session. I cannot promise a full healing after the initial session or just one session but usually homework applies and that has helped former clients out so far, too.