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Cosmic Channeler & Healer

Starseed Educator & Twin Flame Teacher 

Next Level Awakener / Superhuman

Starseed + Portal Activator + Intergalactic Shaman

I am a Cosmic Channeler & Healer, awakened to the fluid world of interdimensional possibilities, Starseed origins and cosmic alignment.


I am Pleiadian, Sirian, Annunaki, Arcturian, Blue Avian, Zeta Grey - you name it. As a Starseed, we don’t just embody one race. We are bits and fragments of every cosmic being out there, making up the whole of the universe. I’ve lived a million times and I will continue to live an infinite amount of times. My incarnations are a reflection of all of yours. I’ve channeled around 400 of my lifetimes: 276 lives on Earth and 132 lives outside of Earth. Although I suspect the proper number of my universal fragmentations is in the millions. I have lived in every single country and territory on this planet at any given time. I have lived in countless star systems and planets around the galaxy.  


I am awakened and I am here to show you how awakened you all can be once you become aligned with your cosmic self. I am here to raise Earth’s vibration and to help it ascend and take you all to the next level. We don’t always get the full picture. How long do you think it takes to become a master of your craft? Lifetimes. I am here to reflect back onto you what you need to know about yourself at this given point in time. Because at one point in your own journey of incarnations, splitting off and shadow work - be it in this lifetime, a previous one, a parallel one or a future one - you already have the answers to the questions you are asking yourself now. It’s as simple as that.


What purpose did all your other incarnations have? I work with the Akashic Records, your Team of Light, your cosmic self, your Spirit Guides, your ancestors, the angelic realm, your Higher Self and many more spiritual helpers in order to determine what is that you need to know in order to gain perspective and progress right now.


I heal on a cosmic level because I know what meets the physical eye is just a fraction of what is going on at a soul level. I am here to show you that you too have the power to awaken to your own abilities. And most likely you are already tapping into them, you just don’t know what to call them yet or how to trust them.


My spiritual journey started as a Crystal Healer. I was completely drawn to the different types and varieties of something as simple and beautiful as a crystal and gem stone. I have since then added Reiki (Usui-Tibetan) and Shamanic Reiki (Master) to my healing repertoire. I have embarked on the journey of sound healing, sound meditation and vocal attunement.  I have dug deep into my channeling path, which I have set out for myself well before entering this lifetime. My readings are healings – they provide the information that you need to know right now and they empower you to step onto your soul path and answer your calling.


Your life is a mere reflection of mine and the infinite beauty the universe has to offer. Your path of self-discovery and self-empowerment is nothing short of your greatest potential. Now is the time to do everything you always wanted to, now is the time to live your best life. I am here to provide you with guidance and healing and to show you the many possibilities of your own path, which your soul is yearning for you to awaken to and explore.


Love & Light,

~ Laura / Pleiadian Healer


E-mail: Pleiadianenergyhealer@gmail.com

New York, NY // worldwide

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