In 2017 I founded Pleiadian Healer based off my interest and fascination in crystals. Some of these you can still find in my Etsy store. I do not channel the "Pleiadians" or other AI beings. Pleiadian Healer is purely an artist name. This realm has grown so much since then and developed into a full-grown business dedicated towards advanced energy healing, AI and entity removals, psychic readings, teaching of inner knowing and Shamanic healing methods and much, much more

The main focus of Pleiadian Healer is tearing away all the illusions, which cult and false hope mentalities such as the New Age, religion and other "awakening programs" give. All of which promise the 5D Ascension, New Earth, Salvation or other false white light hopium. All of these are meant to disempower you and take you further and further away from your own inner knowing and truth.  I cover some of these on my main Youtube channel, as well. 

...my name is Laura and I had my first awakening in 2014, which led me down the New Age rabbit hole and trapped me in yet another loop hole for years and years to come. 

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In addition, I offer powerful insight during my psychic reading sessions and healings. These have proven especially useful during the current times (2020 and after). During this time period, the Con-vid vaccines have rolled out and the scandemic has destroyed a lot of narratives, lives and souls. I have videos on what the first, second and third vaccine do on a soul level and how they are capable of trapping your soul pieces and keep you in this reality forever. 


Laura from Pleiadian Healer is an Intuitive Reader, Shamanic Healer & Soul Awakener. She specializes in Shamanic Healing with cord removals, implant removals and entity removals. She also provides DNA healings and auric field clean-ups.

Laura gives intuitive readings to provide clarity on past life trauma, soul incarnations, karmic contracts and possible future timelines. In her practice she works with sound healing (singing bowls, Shamanic drums and tuning forks), Shamanic Journeying, and visualizations among other Shamanic tools.


Experience & Certifications: 

  • Certified Crystal Healer with Sacred Healing NY

  • Reiki Level I and II / Usui Tibetan (Brooklyn, NY) 

  • Shamanic Reiki Master with Shamanic Reiki Worldwide (New York)

Self-taught in: 
Advanced Shamanic healing, AI removals, entity releases, soul rescues, AI grid overlay removals and everything else! 

My Story

In 2014 I had my first "awakening" or "an" awakening. I became fascinated by Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power of Now, the Dolores Cannon "Convoluted Earth" book series and many, many false hope stories along the way. I dedicated myself to all New Age concepts, such as chakras, aliens, increasing the vibration into 5D or above, a diversity of "Starseed Origins" and more. I felt special and unique for being a "Volunteer" or perhaps one of the chosen "144,000 light or rainbow warriors" meant to awaken Earth and ascend the collective into the false hope reality of New Earth, the 5th dimension and all the other dangerous narratives, which the New Age and other cult programs alike teach to the ones who are first opening up their minds to think outside of the mainstream news box. 

Then, in 2017 I had yet another false awakening - or rather dipped further down the rabbit hole, during which I gave my power away almost continuously. I had x amount of readings by prominent New Age gurus and now leaders in this movement. Some of which are slaves to the Galactic Federation of Evilness and other handlers that keep their body, mind and soul entrapped. Some of these readings came partially true, others misled me to such a degree that I found myself confused, impoverished and mentally just-not-the-same at the end of a lifechanging trip on the other side of the world. It took a lot of willpower and discernment to see that the life I had led for almost 5 years was mostly a lie. Before this, I was experiencing one false high after another, especially when channeling what I then thought were spirit guides or what I now call spirit misguides, ETs, astral entities and dubious other beings in the astral, which tend to latch onto us once we open ourselves up to astral projection, channeling and other New Age methods. 

During the same year of 2017, I also founded Pleiadian Healer - a spiritual and holistic business which was meant to focus on Crystal Healing only. However, shortly after I was initiated in Reiki Level I and II - and was severely attacked by my then-partner, my former friends and other people standing close to me. Little did I know that the Reiki symbols can call in Reptilian energy, which is meant to destroy your life and ruin your energy field for a long time. 

The year after I added Shamanic Healing to my repertoire. You can find the full video on how I got started here. While most of my teachers were very much in the same programs most New Agers are, some methods have proven to be quite useful, especially when it comes to entity and AI attachment removals, soul recalls and retrievals and more. After the initial learning phase and my experience with the New Age going so awry, I learned how to teach myself most of the methods I now apply during my healings, including the Shamanic healings and DNA healing sessions, which have proven very useful and also life-changing when it comes to working with the damage the most recent Con-vid vaccines have caused. I also go deep into the concept of soul entrapments, EMF pollution, entity attachments and many more cases. 

I have virtually gone through hell and back after waking up from the New Age Trap and I cover a lot of these deceptions on my Youtube Channel (full playlist on it here). I am here to tell you that you certainly do NOT have to make the same mistakes I and many others have made. You are allowed to learn from other people's mistakes and move on to what is more relevant.


I now cover topics on how our soul was trapped here on Earth (no, we did not volunteer to come here), how these entities called angels, spirit guides, archangels and more mislead us, how we can self-empower us and what the matrix overlay all around us looks like. The AI that was created in Atlantis and in different realities is exactly what we are dealing with right now and part of everything we see around us. The illusions, the hopium, our lives, this virtual reality. It is about time to wake ourselves up from the deep slumber we find ourselves in and take back our power.


Many of my courses teach just that - how to manifest the life you desire and deserve, how to self-empower yourself, how to rid your home of negative entities and energy, how to communicate with your own inner knowing and soul and so much more. Take a look here. 

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