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Where Can You Find Them? 

I have created quite a few products over the past few years and you can find these in the links and descriptions added below. I am happy to have put my energy signature on a variety of items, such as oracle and tarot cards, awaken wear (leggings and tank tops), my Patreon member-ships, which you can join on a monthly basis, my Shamanic courses and more. 


Six different oracle card and tarot card decks designed by me. 

Price: $20 - $45. 

Starseed Tarot & Oracle Card Decks


Several different courses and webinars, to be completed on your own time. Soul communication, journeying & more. 


These are clothing & products that align you with your cosmic self and Starseed origins. The products raise your vibration when wearing them.

Price: starts at $28.50.

Cosmic Alliance - Awaken Wear & Products


To be announced. 

More Coming!


Join my Patreon for extended content, added readings, uncensored material and more! Monthly member-ship. 


Price: $2-100.