Your Starseed Origins: The Hadarians!

Your Starseed Origins: The Hadarians! A new video has premiered highlighting one of the closest Starseeds to Earth! The Hadarians are from the Beta Centauri constellation (aka as the star Hadar). They are very close with the Alpha Centaurians and have a connection to Ancient Atlantis / Lemuria. Centaurs were created during those times, just like many other experiments were done on animals and humans alike. The projection in the sky is a reminder of those times but it goes much deeper than that. Have you experienced a running theme of suffering and sacrifice throughout your lifetimes? Have you been bullied as a child, never really fit and always had troubles finding your crowd? The Hadarians are also what I like to call the "sufferers" or "sacrificers" of all the souls incarnated. Coming from a land of Eden and landing onto Earth must have been quite a shock for a lot of Hadarians here. Many grapple with feeling grounded or finding their purpose and meaning in a place as dense as this. Find out more in my latest video at:

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