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You Don't Realize How Much Time You Waste...

When I first saw this image back in 2014 or 2015, it was one of the most accurate representations in my opinion of what’s currently going on with us and our society, in our world and in pretty much every country across the globe, no matter how poor or rich it is. We don’t realize how much of our time is “sucked” away from us because of our “smart” phones, laptops electronic devices and more.

Even children in poorer countries in Africa are donated a device these days. What exactly for - I am unsure. Some to this date still don’t have access to clean water or food resources but they have an iPhone from ten years ago or more recent with which they can capture photos or play AI games.

Over these past few weeks, while I was able to be more in the real world and away from the screen, I’ve gotten to experience first-hand again how much of our lives are determined by this artificial world. You know how you can accomplish something? By not being on your phone.

(Image not mine, artist unknown.)

~Laura / Pleiadian Healer

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