Working with the Lion Energy: Root Chakra Activator and Grounding Energy

I worked with the powerful energies of the lion this month and it activated my root chakra to a massive degree. After channeling during a morning meditation that the lion would aid me in feeling more grounded, I completely surrendered and opened up to it. For two full weeks, I was side by side with the lion every morning and sometimes evening. I hugged him, cherished him, respected him and watched him. During Shamanic journeying and visualization, he showed me how proud he was to strut through desert, forest and bush landscapes. He showed me his tribe and how my energy compared to his. I oftentimes saw myself as a gentle fairy touching the rough heart of the lion, opening up his powerful energy to a gentleness.

Lion Energy - Artist Unknown - Otherwise Credited

He taught me empowerment through voice, body language and demander. He showed me how to simply be still and observe. That there is no reason for racing, running and constant motion. Life is what happens from one moment to another, there must not always be a bigger plan. I felt the safari had come into my heart, a piece of the wild that we as Westerners have long forgotten about with the technology and society we surround ourselves with.

At first I was apprehensive and tried to direct him. But it soon came to me that going with the flow and receiving was the only way to go about and be successful with this gift of a lion. The lion energy is hands-down the most powerful energy when it comes to opening up your root chakra and receiving all the abundance the universe has in store for you. I had already suspected I was going to have more income than usual but what manifested itself in the physical literally came about in a triple amount. If you are ever having issues around money and financial abundance, I highly recommend you work with the powerful lion that lies within you. The lion is perhaps the most powerful root chakra activator I have yet encountered.

Do not underestimate this power animal! He is there to guide you from the base on. Once I completely opened myself up to him, I was receiving validation in almost every form possible. I kept seeing the imagery of the lion around me, be it in “random” images I saw online or in magazines, friends sending me emojis of the lion or even attending a lion-themed party mid-week.

This weekend, I have been slowly letting go of the Leo, knowing that although I won’t see him every single day, he will always be around when I need him.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

(Image creator unknown, if you know the artist, please tag them.)

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