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What Is "God"?

What is a god? It is worth noting that "dog" in reverse" means "god." We are all god. A god is a creator of one's reality. Nothing else. For people to pray outside of their own reality and worship a false god entity in religion or other beliefs is always so mind-blowing to the people who are already past that stage. A god is you. God is us. There is a reason we have been continuously kept down from lifetime to lifetime, over eons and eons of years. If you want to crack the script and code the Bible is using, I suggest you replace each time the word "god" or "lord" appears with "a god." The scriptures will make much more sense when doing so. The stories are an accumulation of different types of gods. Jesus in that sense was a god. And many others. Being a god means being fully responsible for your outcomes, life, soul path, destiny and everything that goes with it. In every moment we are alive, we encounter choices we choose to make and decisions we choose to take. Whether or not we decide for or against it, each moment is part of our own creation - in that way. To me god is found in everyone who has a soul. This is what it means to be a god.

~Laura from Pleiadian Healer

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