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What Is Fear? And Why Do We Fear?

What Is Fear? And Why Do We Fear?

The other day I was supposed to sign an important document and all of a sudden FEAR came up. Fear of not being able to fulfill the clauses. Fear of not being worthy of the item. Fear of being stuck somehow. Fear of something going wrong. Fear all around me, encompassing my reality, impacting my breathing and clouding my vision.

Oftentimes, when we experience fear, we do not fear fear itself. We fear the consequences of our actions, future timelines and the "worst case scenario." Fear can be a powerful emotion to experience. Fear can also be caused by many things. Our own past experiences that have led us to fear the "burning stove." Or our parents' and friends' conditioning that tells us to fear this and that because it is not "safe." Fear can be used as a survival technique. You can see this especially in animals. However, oftentimes, our fear is ungrounded and not based on the positive reality we are fully capable of creating.

When we experience fear, we experience years and lifetimes of conditioning coming up all at once. It can really get to us and impact how we might react to a certain situation. The choices we make may oftentimes be based on "safety" and comfort. A life driven by fear may well be a life determined by outside factors only. Once we step into our sovereignty, we notice that although certain things may always have the potential to occur, there could also be positive things that could very well occur. Fear is real. But the reason as to why we fear can be complex and perhaps not so real.

Nowadays, we are being bombarded by things we should be afraid of these days. This is mostly what the past 2 1/2 years have been about. It takes a lot to step away from that and not buy into the fear.

How do you deal with fear?

~Laura from Pleiadian Healer at

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