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What Does It Mean To Be Holy?

••• On being holy. •••

What does it mean to be holy? The root of "holy" means "blessed" and it leads back to being spiritually whole and pure. Holy refers to our own divinity and wholeness. It also means: Sacred, set apart for a specific purpose, anything that has holes in it... Good equals holy.

Holy can be found in many purposes and uses. The religious one being the most common one. If we see religion as becoming infiltrated down the line and originally just being another form of spirituality, we may find our holiness in everything around us.

In that sense, we are all holy. We have just forgotten it, like so many other things. Our divinity does not know any boundaries or limits. Our holiness and completeness shines out into the world. We are not a part of several. We are whole.

~Laura, Founder at Pleiadian Healer

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