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What Benefits Do My Sessions Have?

I was recently asked how my healings can impact and benefit a person (or future client). My Shamanic Healings are a mix between the old, traditional ways I was taught years ago by qualified teachers and other practitioners and my new, self-taught removal techniques you most likely won't find anywhere else. The traditional part focuses on the use of organic, natural tools, such utilizing roses, rocks, powerful sound healing tools and more. My self-taught removals and techniques remove AI, implants, and etheric "garbage" hooking into people. These tend to confuse them, hold them back or target them on various different levels (sleep paralysis, anyone?). A session can also include the total recall of a person's soul from the soul container, where it is sometimes kept.

The intensity of these sessions can vary, depending on what exactly is being done. People generally feel more focused, aligned and clear. They also feel more self