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Welcome To 2022 - A Six Year!

It's January, a brand new year! And what power this year has in store!

2022 breaks down to a six number. What does the "six" stand for? In a more traditional sense, it stands for anything that is related to relationships. This includes friendships, family relationships, romantical relationships, spouses and more! It is ruled by the planet Venus and it might be advisable to people to look up where this planet is placed in your chart if you want to have a more personalized view on what a six-year might bring for you specifically.

Six is quite powerful as it finally gets us out of the "five" cycle we were in last year. Five being an uneven number (2021), six brings a form of evenness back into our life and the emphasis on couples and working in couples. It has now been almost two full years that we have been experiencing a world, which didn't exist beforehand. A world governed by lockdowns, a pandemic mentality and more. However, the fight against control and mandates has also just started and six can bring back power into our lives if we work together as a team.

While 2022 holds important and new symbology itself, please also keep in mind that the ACTUAL new year does not start until much later - in March of this year. Spring-time and the end of March tends to be the main time of when most cultures, nations and people celebrated the actual new year - until our time was redefined in the medieval ages and beyond.

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