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Using Roses In Healing Sessions


Roses carry the highest vibration of all flowers. When I do healing sessions, I always use at least one rose, no matter if it’s in-person or remote session. The effect is the same. It doesn’t necessarily matter what color your rose is. Although I find the red rose to be the most powerful, I have also worked with pink, white, yellow roses - you name it.

I find the white one to be very soothing when it comes to peace and forgiveness. The pink one can be quite helpful in all matters of relationships, including friendships and working through parental wounds / childhood wounds.

Overall, if I had to choose one healing tool only for a session, I would most likely choose this one (although luckily I am able to work with several tools, such as sound tools, crystals and more). Working with natural items gives me the opportunity to make a session as close to the wonders of Earth as possible and ground the client through it too.

June is the official rose month and coming up next week. It’s dedicated to this magnificent flower as this was the time of year they would traditionally bloom.

What are your experiences with roses? Do you use them at all? 🌹

~Laura from Pleiadian Healer

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