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Tucson Gem Show 2022

Tucson Gem Show 2022 - it's been an amazing time! One week of pure magic and seeing way too many crystals, gems, minerals and more. Thanks for joining me at a Tucson Gem Show 2022 - be it either here through my posts or over on my Youtube through my videos and live-streams. A lot of you might know that I’m into crystals but you may not know that I’ve been waiting 5 (!!) years for this precious opportunity to visit the world’s largest crystal and mineral show. A dream half a decade in the making! I opened up this account Pleiadian Healer right after obtaining my crystal healer certificate in 2017 and it’s been a wish ever since to visit this show! I hope you've gotten something out my adventures - be it some crystal fever, the glimpse of Tucson you’ve always wanted or more.

I will be back - next time with a truck or some other way to transport more goodies back home. I will also be sharing more pictures and impressions from Tucson as time goes on. And for those who are just now arriving, the main show still goes until February 13. Happy exploring!

You can find the full Tucson Gem Show 2022 experience on my Youtube here:

I even made a whole new playlist just for it here.

And I will have a few videos in the future, where I edit the footage that I took outside of the livestreams, so stay tuned for that, as well.