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The Whole System Is Designed To Disconnect You

The whole system is designed to disconnect you from your intuition.

It is not normal to: • work, eat, sleep and have no play • be in front of monitors for a majority of our lives • eat modified foods and drinks with a glucose concentration that would have sent our ancestors into a sugar coma • not know where we come from and what our roots are • not care about our family, friends and neighbors or what happens to them when they are going through a rough patch.

In order to disconnect us, they have severed the embrace we had with nature. Being able to hunt for our own foods or forage in the woods. Seeing the seasons change and living with the cycles of the sun and the moon. Instead, they introduced the industrialization, AI, electronics.

Most people these days don't even know how toxic the items are they are consuming, wearing, and watching. Our clothes are shipped from one end of the world to another, just to cause more issues with fertility and leaking substances. We have forgotten what it means to take care of our own parents, children and people around us. We have truly stopped living and some of us are barely existing these days. #shaman

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~Laura from Pleiadian Healer, Shamanic Healer and Practitioner

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