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The Saturn Moon Program Does Not Exist! And: How The Tree Of Life Hooks Into Us

Important video up on my Youtube all about a few topics discussed by truthers and others alike. Does the Saturn-Moon-Matrix truly exist? According to my insight, no. If we are already questioning the official narrative of not going down the white light tunnel after death because it just recycles you into the next lifetime, we also have to question this one, which was most likely put out by a person who wanted to confuse more or did not know better.

Saturn itself does not even exist, such as most of all the other planets and stars, which are simply just part of a false matrix overlay in the skies. The moon is a natural satellite and activates a program once souls pass on to the other side. I talk about it in this video.

Also - the tree of life symbol, another new age trap symbol, is actually harvesting people's energies and dragging them into the underworld. Watch the full insight here:

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