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The Actual (!) New Year: March 25th

Did you know that the actual New Year used to be today and not on January 1? As some of you might know, our calendar was changed a few hundred years ago and switched from the Julian calendar system to the Gregorian one. Not only did this bring in some change, which the generations to come had to experience, but it also erased and muddled up a few of our important holidays. Was all of this part of erasing our history? I do believe so. As we can imagine, it would only take 2-3 generations to restructure our culture, our language and our his-tory.

No matter what purpose the calendar change served, our actual New Year used to be celebrated on March 25th! Back in the days (during the medieval ages and before), people used to usher in the new year exactly on this date, which is also why you don't hear of any accounts of people setting off fireworks on January 1 or around that time.

March 25th is a powerful date and is also considered a highly fortunate number according to specific types of numerology. It coincides with spring (March 20/21) and also Easter, which is usually anytime between end of March to beginning of April. I invite you to set intentions today or do something for yourself on the former New Year. Powerful energies of manifestation can be used at any point in the year but spring might be a good time for it. Happy (actual) New Year!

~Laura (from Pleiadian Healer)

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