Shamanic Journeying: Doing a Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval: Recalling all the lost pieces of your soul and recovering lost fragments of your soul. A soul retrieval involves journeying back in time, to an event or happening in your life, during which you subconsciously gave up parts of your soul or lost a part of your soul for various reasons. This could be either because you wanted to please others or fit in or because you were so traumatized / shaken by the experience that it was easier to give up a part of your soul than deal with it.

When trying out my Shamanic Journey, I went back to several stages in my childhood. One vision was me crying on a bed as a young child, being upset about how others had called me weird. My desire back then was to simply fit in and live a “happy life” - even if this meant hiding all that I was and not acknowledging my true self. I also went back to an event when a younger boy told me girls were not allowed to play with them in this game. The trauma of having been called weaker and girlish and also never seen as equal is something a lot of us women carry with us from a young age on. During my soul retrieval journey, you are able to influence the event and send healing and light to what had happened in the past. You are indeed turning the situation around and becoming the creator of your own life.

Join the journey! First week introductory discount for my workshop applies until June 25! Thanks for the overwhelming support and everyone who has purchased it so far. Become the shaman you have always been.

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