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Shamanic Journeying: Discovering a Past Life

Past lives: As multi-dimensional beings, we all have had lifetimes previous to this one. We are also having parallel and future lifetimes, from a linear standpoint, although this viewpoint is to be discussed in a different post. These past lives are part of what define our lessons, struggle and blessings during this life, the soul contracts we made before entering this life and the people we are connected to in this current lifetime.

When doing my own Shamanic Journey, I was taken to a past lifetime on Arcturus. I've had quite a few past lives as an Arcturian, however this one was new to me. In this lifetime, everything around me was grey and very iron-looking. I was embodying an Arcturian king and even wearing a crown. However, I was not free. I was slaving away and working for other beings. Not just the Annunaki and Reptilians. There were other hooded beings, which I have yet to channel and define. As an Arcturian king, which is already pretty high up there on that societal ladder, I was still not ruling over my own empire, as I was enslaved to others.

This particular past lifetime blew my mind. It showed me how far the enslavement of the Arcturians and also other Starseeds go (and I can't wait to discuss more of this in the future). It also showed me how deep my own karmic wounds run. That I had spent many lifetimes building other people's and also beings’ empires and that I had now incarnated to work through this very own karma and start building my own kingdom and empire. Just like all of us. The restrictions and limitations society has put on us are very deep and they go back eons of years.

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