Separation Is An Illusion! A Reminder For You.

Separation is an illusion! Here is a REMINDER that whatever incarnation you chose for this lifetime, you chose beforehand, before entering this lifetime, before the veil came upon you. Welcome to the greatest show on Earth, watched by not only beings on this planet but many more souls / forces / outerworldly creatures, which you can tap into on the energetic realm but perhaps not yet feel on a 3D level. What is going on here right now is a truly orchestrated battle, not just by our (controlled) governments and even higher forces, but also other "institutions" such as the Galactic Federation of Light (the highly controversial GFL, which is keeping not only humans but also other alien beings enslaved. Want to know more about it? Comment below, I'll put out a separate video.).

I've been seeing (brainwashed / unawakend) videos of my fellow humans, who are claiming "I did not choose my (white/ African / Asian) privilege" etc. Wrong! You choose very well beforehand that you did or did not want to enter as a person of color, or a white person, an Asian, a red Marsian, a Blue Avian - you name it. This game of separation has been played out for SOOO long, not only over the past few decades or centuries but for millennial and eons. Over and over again. Think back to Ancient Lemurian and Atlantean times, when women of color (!) were mostly in charge. There is a huge karmic imprint that goes with the decision of a soul to incarnate as a person of color.

As humans, we have never been enough, we have experienced generational traumas, pain inflicted on us in this lifetime and more. This is indeed one of the only planets in the galaxy, where you will feel so intensely and where you are able to be so entrenched in the 3D world that you can indeed forget about the precious soul contracts you made before entering this lifetime. Don't get played by outer forces who want to keep you separated and not question your reality.

Who are using and abusing you like a player in their very own video game (for entertainment purposes mainly). There are so many other things going on below the surface, please use your discernment and wits when it comes to the topic that is very clearly separating all of us and also distracting from other current developments (Corona anyone?!)! We are only as strong as we stand together, we are only as awake as our most non-awakened human amongst us is. Right now we are going through one of the most high-vibrational (!) of all times. However, that does not mean they are less intense or less hurtful than the lower vibrational ones were.

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