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New Course Launch: Learn Tarot Like A Pro!

Happy first day of September! My long awaited tarot card course is finally live!

Have you been wondering how to use tarot more to your advantage or how to read a clear yes and no answer in the cards? Did you know that the Queen of Cups can both stand for Gemini and Cancer signs and that each tarot card can symbolize a different zodiac sign?

In this course you are able to learn tarot as a beginner from the bottom up. “Learn Tarot Like A Pro” is a 5.5-hour long course, teaching you all about tarot and the major components that go with it. It covers everything, such as the major and minor arcana, the cards’ meanings in upright and in reverse, the difference to oracle and medicine decks, reading a clear yes or no answer in tarot and what zodiac signs can be read when doing tarot readings and more. Includes a 20-minute tarot module and nine card spreads, easy to use for your own readings or others.

And as an introductory special I am reducing this course until September 10th! It will be 50 % off until then.

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