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Monthly Tarotscopes: All Signs!

This month's taroscopes are now released. These are one card readings for each sign, and this is the insight that came through for the time ahead:

Aries: Six of Cups: You are filled with happy memories from the past, like reuniting with childhood friends or old, forgotten souls. You feel carefree and imaginative. You bring harmony and cooperation to your current relationships.

Taurus: The Hermit: You are on a path of spiritual knowledge and self-discovery. Retreat from everyday life and create space for introspection. Go within and discover the wisdom and knowledge you hold within.

Gemini: Ace of Pentacles: A new opportunity might be available to you that has the potential to grow into something lucrative and abundant. It may be a business idea, job offer, financial opportunity... Manifest your goals in a very tangible and real way.

Cancer: Ten of Cups: You have created a life of connection and bliss by following your heart and trusting your intuition. There is a sense of wholeness, completion, and alignment in your relationship with others and yourself.

Leo: Queen of Wands: You are confident, courageous and determined, unafraid to speak up and be heard. You lead a busy life, making connections with others and putting yourself out there as you pursue your creative vision.

Virgo: Wheel of Fortune: You are in a cycle of change and the wheel is turning and your situation is constantly evolving and shifting. What goes up must come down. Change is part of life.

Libra: King of Swords: You are in your power, ruling from a place of authority. Using analytical abilities and intellect to assess a situation at hand and make clear decisions based on what you know to be true.

Scorpio: Four of Cups: Offers and opportunities might be flowing to you, but for now you are saying "no." Contemplate your next step and focus on what is important to you. Happy Scorpio season ahead!

Sagittarius: The World: You have come full circle and are celebrating the successful completion of an important phase. As you close one chapter and door, you open another.

Capricorn: Page of Pentacles: You are inspired to start a new financial or career opportunity, and see the potential to grow and manifest your goals. You are ready to uplevel your skills and learn something new.

Aquarius: Queen of Swords: You are determined, resilient and smart. You think more than you feel and won't tolerate mistruths or excessive lies. Instead you get straight to the point, for this reason you are valued and make a good mentor.

Pisces: ​The Sun: You are surrounded by warmth, radiance and vitality. You are lit up, energized by possibility, growth and success. Radiate your light and shine it on the world.


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