Making A Shamanic Drum

This is the second drum I’ve made. I’m getting good at this! This time I tanned it in blueberry juice. I love how purple it turned out. The last drum I made was tanned in grape juice. Both times I tanned them for about 3-4 days.

This smaller drum will serve as a nice travel drum. It sounds melodic and not as deep as the 14 inch one. Altogether it measures around 10 inch in diameter and fits nicely into a small travel pouch. It has been quite powerful in some sessions already. Below are some photos on the entire process of building a drum. I usually paint mine the same day or one day after the drum has dried with acrylic paint. So far it seems to stick quite nicely and adds a very unique touch and medicine drum look to it all. For my first time, the process of making it took almost 4 hours. This time around it was only 2 hours (painting not included).

Practice does make things faster. Read my post on making my first drum here.

Is anyone interested in having their own drum? I was thinking about perhaps making a few more and selling them.

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