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Keep It Real In Today's World

Real is hard to find nowadays. Real is being your truest, most authentic self in every situation of your life. Real is being loyal to yourself and not caring what others think. Real is keeping it real - no matter how many people you lose, followers drop and threats you receive for being ... real. Real is showing your real white eyebrow to the world when you could easily "cover" it up with makeup and pretend you are someone you are not. Real is all of this and so much more. In today's world, real is hard to find. The reason people get pissed off when real calls them out on their bullsh*t is mainly because they're not real and real sees through the facade. Fake does not exist in a real world. Fake is part of the problem and needs to go. Fake is exactly why people have depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body dysmorphia and other avoidable illnesses. That's where it's the job and life mission of real to call fake out.

When fake gets pissed off to such a degree that t