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First Mercury Retrograde In 2023!

Mercury Retrograde is upon us again. This is the first one for this year (there will be many). This time around it started on December 29th, 2022 and it will end on January 18th. However, the post-shadow period extends well until February 3, meaning we might still be feeling a bit of its impact until then. Remember that travel disaster, which happened here in the US right around the Christmas time? That was the pre-shadow of this Mercury Retrograde and should probably give a slight taste of what is to come.

I'm not about promoting doom and gloom around this time of year. On the contrary. I am a firm believer that the retrogrades show us a great way to go deeper within, be in touch with our inner self and inner knowing, recharge, refuel and revamp our lives. But if anyone happens to be traveling over the next few weeks, pay attention to changing flights or shifting plans. Overall, a good recommendation is to show up at the airport extra early and to always have a Plan B in case things get delayed.

More about the meaning of January's Mercury retrograde will be in this week's newsletter (sign up on my website). Happy fresh start to the week, you all!

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