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Failure: How Do You Deal With It When It Occurs?

I've been thinking a lot about failure lately and how we deal with it when it occurs. We are so often taught to celebrate our successes and live in the moment but we are not really taught how to deal with our failure when it steps into our life. Do you get angry, disappointed, lethargic, discouraged? Or do you give up and don't tell anyone you have failed?

Encountering failure can sometimes feel like having to deal with grief, especially if it's been something we've wanted for a very long time or a life-long dream. Failure and successes are parts of life but for some reason we are never taught how to handle the former by most of society and our surroundings. I remember being in school and some people giving advice in these situations which would sound like "oh you'll pass the next time" or "you'll get back onto your feet" and all other words of encouragement.

However, what if we just sat with our failure and all forms of emotions coming up