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"Channeling" Source? Enough With The BS Already!

Shine that light out brightly. That light is within you. Another misconception and New Age program that I see mentioned recently on a lot of these accounts meant to mislead people and give them false hope or loop them through a different reality is the mentioning of “source” and “messages they’ve received form source” or “god source.” Source would never see a reason to communicate with the divine spark that you are in such a way. You are source. Anyone who is “channeling” source or getting messages from source that you are not receiving is false white light.

Source is within you and you are whole and complete as you are. The wisdom you are seeking is not found in the “Angels, Archangels, Spirit (mis-)guides, Ascended Masters” and so on. You hold so much infinite power that one really has to wonder why they want to constantly take you away from that and channel that energy into these other entities. I hope this clarifies more on the New Age and Religion trap.

If you are wondering how to access your inner power, take a look on my website. I teach wonderful courses on how to do so - in addition to many other things.

~Laura from Pleiadian Healer

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