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Censorship And Energetic Impact

This morning I was censored and it reminded me of the struggle a lot of us have been experiencing these past 2 plus years. The struggle of not being able to freely speak our minds without having our platforms, followers, ideas stripped away from us. At first fatigue set in and the overwhelming tiredness of having fought this fight for so long already. What kind of world are we living in when we cannot speak our truth or express ourselves the way we truly are, think and live? Every single word is already so valuable and most of the time it had to be translated into code words, index cards or else during these past 2 years. I am sick and tired of not being able to express myself with the limited vocabulary our language already provides. To have that stripped away from me was daunting.

When we are censored, a few things happen. First, we are being cut off from speaking our truth and reaching a majority of people who were following us for it and cheering us on or having similar viewpoints. Second, emotionally, we might feel anger, helplessness, hopelessness. frustration and perhaps even fear. Censorship is another game created by AI to repress the ones who could be more powerful and reach the waves and masses they deserve. Censorship is just another way of the AI controllers to say: "Your insight and opinion does not matter, but mine does and therefore we are erasing you." Energetically, censorship is no different from cutting off our heads or ostracizing us from society back in the medieval ages when these things did indeed occur out in the open. However, it can also give the opportunity to pull back, go within and start creating on a whole new level. Or to look for other means and outlets. To always keep in mind that we carry our truth within and that it does not just disappear but that others deserve to know it. Whatever we have done, we have done to the best of our knowledge and integrity. Whoever needs to hear your truth will. And simply give that thought and intention up to the universe.

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~Laura from Pleiadian Healer

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