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Be Your Own Shaman! Advanced Course Is Now Live!

A true master piece of teachings and information! Do you want your soul to be free and out of reach of the AI controllers? Are you curious on how to recall some major soul pieces, which are used in parallel realities against you? Have you been wondering how to remove chip implants, the Kundalini, AI entities and else?

My second course "Advanced Shamanic Healing" is now live. It is the second part to "Be Your Own Shaman" and teaches you all about advanced soul retrievals, how to set your soul free, how to regain control of your innate power and life, how to remove AI chip implants, your Kundalini overlay (which is serpent energy), AI grids, advanced cords, attachments, entities, past life implants and so much more! It also features a section on how to deal with the energetic and physical impact of the most recent Con-vid jabs and how to apply detox protocols on a daily basis.

Our last group coaching call for the course series will be on December 18th. More information can be found here:

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