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All These Different Versions Of You...

All these different expressions of YOU... The You of your childhood. The You during your teenage years, when you still had a crush on that one guy or girl sitting next to you. The You with your first love. The You after your first breakup. The You of your early adulthood that was so confused on where to next go after school / college / graduation. The You from 2013. The You from yesterday. The You after receiving your first promotion. The You after getting fired. The You when you travel and do what you love. The You that is bored and waiting around. The You that needs to still accomplish things. The You that failed. The You that won. The You that is still buried somewhere beneath all those dreams, hopes, and desires. The You that never gave up even when other Yous told you to. The You that is reading this now.

So many different versions of You that perhaps you have needed to give up to become another version of You. You might be wondering how you haven't lost yourself in the process yet.. Or have you lost some of that You over time? Is the You from your youth really more courageous than the You right now - with children, a job and a mortgage to pay? Or is that You still there somehow and wants to communicate and talk to you? Let your You shine. That You is still there somewhere.

~Laura from Pleiadian Healer

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