Lion's Gate Portal: Cosmic Opening on 8-8 (August 8th)

The Lion's Gate Portal - the date of 8-8 (August 8th) is when the Sun, Earth and Sirius align to transfer powerful rays, energies and an influx of higher vibrational energies onto Planet Earth. This causes us to become more aligned, more in tune and more connected to our psychic senses, our crown chakra, and our third eye. Under these circumstances we are able to see ourselves more clearly than ever before as multi-dimensional beings, as a beings of true power and as sovereign entities, who are very connected to their Higher Self, their guides and their cosmic soul family.

The Lion's Gate Portal connects us especially to the Sirian energies, to the heart chakra and to true empowerment of our soul path. With white, blue and purple light codes hitting us right now, we are able to tap into the higher realms, if not on a conscious level, at least on a subconscious level. This might cause us to feel ungrounded, tired or simply out of body. However, we are currently upgrading, recoding our DNA and attaining higher levels of awareness as the frequencies are reaching us and enveloping us in a higher consciousness and new experience.

Watch my Youtube video together with a guided meditation at the end.

Happy Lion's Gate Portal Opening, everyone!

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