8-8-18 - The Day the Lion's Gate Portal Opens Up

Today is a very special day. The Day the Lion’s Gate Portal opens up is every year on 8-8. It’s when the Sun, Sirius and Earth align with each other and Sirius sends a massive influx of higher frequencies onto our Planet in order to elevate the consciousness.

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Today is significant because it’s a great day to finally step into your power. The message I channeled this morning was just that. And that everyone is experiencing some sort of pain right now. Although I would love to help each and every one of you, that’s not what I do and that’s not what I’m meant to be doing. Everyone has to walk their own path, everyone has to face their own fears right now. I’m here to elevate your cosmic being and facilitate you stepping into your own power.

But I also need to acknowledge my own divine being. I’ve noticed so many instances in these past weeks, where I wasn’t in divine alignment with the person I was talking to or the situation I was in. So I started paying attention to the smaller signs, the ones the universe gives on a constant basis. If we are not in divine alignment right now, it’s for a reason. A massive influx of light can also mean a massive amount of shadows that are being revealed, and which we can finally work through.

In addition to all this, today is also an excellent day to manifest! Write down what you want, be specific. Don’t undersell yourself. Read more on the powers of manifestation and how to manifest anything you want here. Happy Lion’s Gate Day!

Find more info on the Lion's Gate Portal in this magically cosmic article!

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