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Thank You for Following Along!

[I posted this to my Instagram and found it would make for a great Blog post, too.]

Thank you for all the new followers onboard! I thought this might be the perfect moment to introduce myself properly. My name is Laura and I operate this holistic healing business under the name Pleiadian Healer. This name was channeled to me during one of my regular morning meditations.

Rose Quartz Sphere & the Beach

My starseed origins are not exclusively from the Pleiades, but I do believe that some great parts of my Higher Selves and Spirit Guides are angels from this magnificent planet (aka The Seven Sisters) - here to assist me in all healing modalities. I started this business with the intention of crystal healing and all things pertaining to the Mineral Kingdom. I am holding my favorite Rose Quartz Sphere in the image above - a real gem I’ve acquired together with hundreds more this past year. Crystals have indeed become a crucial part of my life - from meditating with them over constructing crystal grids and making medicine bags to using them as a healing outlet - these glittery minerals are just so much wiser than we can even grasp right now.

A few weeks ago I completed my Level II certification in Reiki and I must say that this has also proven to be a great way of self-healing and relaxation. I've since then offered smaller sessions to acquaintances and the feedback I've gotten is quite phenomenal. Eventually I am going to explore soundvibrational healing and other outlets of healing this planet, too.

I’d love to hear more about your stories and what made you interested in crystals and healing.

Love & light, Laura

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