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Welcome to my new site! Pleiadian Healer started with a spark of an idea this summer, when I completed my Certification as a Crystal Healer (CCH). It's been a short way from there and the decision to offer comprehensive healing sessions to others. Since then, I've decided to start my training as a Reiki Therapist (which I will be completing Level II this fall). I currently offer crystal healings according to the chakra balancing system to anyone who is interested. Here is my mission statement for more information:

"Pleiadian Healer is all about connecting your soul to your true purpose. I perform energy healing in form of crystal therapy with focus on balancing the seven chakras. During the healing process, you will learn much about your inner self and the power of self-healing.

I use methods which encompass the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional body in all of my sessions. Just as you have to take care of your physical appearance each and every day, it is equally important to take care of the three other bodies on a regular basis in order to achieve and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

The main focus of Pleiadian Healer is on crystal healing. Crystals can be quite magical when assisting in balancing the energy body as they are a direct connection to Mother Earth and can have a calming effect in sessions.

I am a certified Crystal Healer (CCH) and work with psychic intuition, crystals, visualization and energy in order to assess and help with your energetic shortcomings and imbalances. I have my practice at Maha Rose in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (NY) and I am also available for house calls."

I look forward to connecting with you! ~Laura

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