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Welcome to my page! If you have made it this far, you have made it because something or someone has divinely guided you to connect with me. I am a Cosmic Channeler & Healer, raising the vibrations of people around me and helping Earth and its inhabitants ascend to the next level. Read more about me here.

Pleiadian Healer is all about connecting your soul to your true purpose. I work with the Akashic Records, your Team of Light, your cosmic self, your Spirit Guides, your ancestors, the angelic realm, your Higher Self and many more spiritual helpers in order to determine what is that you need to know in order to gain perspective and progress right now.

I heal on a cosmic level because I know what meets the physical eye is just a fraction of what is going on at a soul level. I am here to show you that you too have the power to awaken to your own abilities. And most likely you are already tapping into them, you just don’t know what to call them yet or how to trust them. When experiencing a reading or healing by me, you will learn much about your inner self and your power of self-healing.

The passion behind the creation of Pleiadian Healer has always been fueled by the power of the Crystal Kingdom and Crystal Healing. Crystals can be quite magical when assisting in balancing the energy body as they are a direct connection to Mother Earth and can have a calming yet powerfully attuning effect on the energetic body in sessions. You will find me either using crystals or recommending crystals to you when working with me. What can I say? Let the crystals work their magic and help you on your own spirit journey.

All my sessions are done remotely – be it readings or healings – unless we are both divinely guided to do a session in-person. Then, and only then, will we physically meet on this dense, planetary level. If you are drawn to my energies, have questions regarding your Starseed origins, your cosmic self, your previous lifetimes, your purpose on Earth or anything else – book a session here.


E-mail: Pleiadianenergyhealer@gmail.com

New York, NY // worldwide

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