Shamanism combined with Reiki and other healing methods 

A healing session is either 1 1/2 hours, 2 hours or 3 hours long. I do higher-level & high-vibratio-nal Shamanic Healing in addition to utilizing Reiki (if desired). I use Shamanic tools, such as visualization, intrusion removal, time traveling, shifting energy of past events, cord pulling, using the healing power of the elements (feathers, rocks, flowers, stones etc.), crystal  and chakra balancing, energy distortion removal, oracle card pulling & more. I also re-calibrate any DNA and/ or RNA codes, which are in need of such, if I am guided to do so during your session (more on this in the DNA Healing sessions listed below). 


I use the channeling and visualization methods in order to determine which parts of the client’s body need healing the most and to find the areas in your body with the most resistance to healing. I enhance the Shamanic Reiki experience with crystals and sound bath vibrations (using a Tibetan and Crystal singing bowl & also a tuning fork) and do a full auric clearing of your energy body before and after the session. If you feel called to experience a Shamanic Healing instead of the other services, this is a pretty powerful experience to have.


The 3-hour long healing session also includes a DNA-healing, which is different from the DNA-calibration. Please find details below. The 90- and 120-minute-long healing sessions have the option to add an additional hour of DNA-healing (in which case it's most likely cheaper to just go with the 3-hour-session to begin with). 



New York, NY // worldwide

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