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Be Your Own Shaman!

A Shamanic Healing Course Teaching All About Shamanism 

(A Two-Course Series)

Have you been wanting to remove your own energetic intrusions? Have you been wondering how to pull any etheric cords keeping you back? How about facilitating your very own Shamanic Journey and sharpening your intuition?  Are you curious on how to regain some major soul pieces, which are used in parallel realities against you? Have you been wondering about chip implants, kundalini removals, AI entity removals and else? 

This (twelve-week) immersive course shows you how to be your own Shaman and become your very own healer. It teaches you the essentials on Shamanism and advanced Shamanic healing. Whether you are looking at becoming a Shamanic Healer or applying these techniques on your very own self – this is the ULTIMATE course to take. It is divided in two parts: The Essentials Course (six weeks) and the Advanced Course (six weeks). 

In this course, I will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about shamanism and how to heal yourself. We start off with the basics of shamanism in The Essentials Course, such as what shamanism really means and embodies. We then go on to learn all about shamanic journeying, the removals of intrusions, cords and more. We also get to know techniques on how to sharpen our intuition and use it in our own healing journey and in healing sessions on others. In addition, it is important for us to connect to the natural elements and know how to work with them – be it either for our own sake, when healing others or both. We are also introduced to simple Shamanic tools, which you can use for tapping into your inner knowing and power.


In The Advanced Course, you will take your knowledge on shamanism to the next level. You will learn how to set your soul free, be in full control of your energy and life, how to regain some major soul pieces back, how to do a proper rose healing, sound healing, in-person session and more. In the duration of six weeks, you will learn how to apply these techniques on your own energy body and also how to heal a person in a remote session and in-person. Modules also include how to navigate the damage on the energy body caused by the most recent Covid-19-vaccine series, how to detox the body from it and what to pay attention to during healing sessions. 

This course includes replays of two group coaching calls. The replays are available for all course participants.

The Essentials Course:
A Six Week Immersive Course:

  1. Introduction, learning about core principles of shamanism and how to conduct a shamanic journey on your own. Two powerful shamanic journeys on hidden aspects of you. 

  2. How to be your own shaman, how you sharpen your intuition, and how to connect with the natural elements. Another shamanic journey. 

  3. Intrusions: What are they, how to remove intrusions on yourself and also in a remote healing session. Also, the essentials on how to set up a remote healing session in general. 

  4. Cords: What are they and how to remove them on yourself and also in a remote healing session. A shamanic journey discovering an aspect of you. 

  5. Shifting the energy of past events: "Heal Your Past"-workshop. 

  6. More Shamanic tools to use, such as drums etc. Introducing medicine and oracle card decks and how to apply them on the healing journey. Closing ceremony and final shamanic journey.  


Total course time: 10.5 hours of content.

(9.5 hours of pre-recorded modules. Plus 1-hour-group coaching call.)

The Advanced Course:
A Six Week Immersive Course:

  1. Introduction, learn how to sage correctly, apply auric protection. How to do traditional shamanic soul recalls and soul retrievals. 

  2. Advanced soul retrievals: Get your entire soul back and out of the hands of the AI controllers. Learn how to retrieve major soul pieces kept and hidden in the astral by other entities. 

  3. Advanced Intrusion and cord removals: Removals of AI chip implants, the Kundalini overlay, energetic parasites, AI grid, nets, overlays, past life implants, attachments and more. 

  4. Advanced elements: How to heal with the power of roses & advanced sound tools. How to use crystals for protection, healing, cleansing & more. 

  5. Learn how to do a full session remotely, in-person and for pets (3 separate modules). 

  6. How to detox from Covid-19-vaccine damage both energetically and physically. Detox protocol for mold, Lyme, parasites. How to protect yourself from EMF radiation. Closing circle and Shamanic Journey. 

Total course time: 12.5 hours of content (11.5 hours of pre-recorded modules. Plus 1-hour group coaching call added in December). 

Total course time of both courses together: 22.5 hours (can be completed at your own pace). 


You can start with the Essentials course and see if this is the right course for you, adding the Advanced Course later-on. Or you purchase both courses together at a reduced price and complete them on your own terms. In order to complete the Advanced Course, the Essentials Course is required and a pre-requisite. The reduced price for both courses together is $550 (value: $750). The total course time of both courses together is: 22.5 hours. 

Both courses are interactive and will have homework during the week. In order to gain the most from this course, it is recommended to participate in the homework and tasks provided during the week.

Video modules are pre-recorded and can be completed on your own time, which can be anywhere between 4-6 weeks per course, making it a total of 12 weeks for both courses together. Questions on modules, topics and further techniques will be answered during personalized e-mails. If you need more guidance, you are welcome to add an individual 1:1-coaching call at any point.  

Course can be completed at your own pace. No prior healing experience is required.

Level: All levels, no experience required. Beginners welcome. This course is fully online. Open to ages 18 and up. 

Time to complete: Six weeks for each course, at your own pace and leisure (12 weeks for both courses)

Price: Starts at $350

Option to add on a private 30-minute reading session (value: $122.22): 

Price: $100

Option to add on individual 1:1-coaching calls throughout the course.

Price: $70

Refund Policy: No refunds after purchase. No refunds on sessions and coaching calls. Full course can be purchased here.


Meet Pleiadian Healer

Laura from Pleiadian Healer is an Intuitive Reader, Shamanic Healer & Soul Awakener. She specializes in Shamanic Healing with cord removals, implant removals and entity removals. She also provides DNA healings and auric field clean-ups.

In addition, she gives intuitive readings to provide clarity on past life trauma, soul incarnations, karmic contracts and possible future timelines. In her practice she works with sound healing (singing bowls, Shamanic drums and tuning forks), Shamanic Journeying, and visualizations, among other Shamanic tools.

Since 2017, she has been guiding and coaching other healers, clients and souls on their very own healing journey. She teaches a multitude of courses and has been working on this specific course for over two years before it went live. 


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